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Reliable Dishwasher Repair & Service 

What would you do if your dishwasher suddenly stopped working properly? The pileup of dishes, pots, pans, etc. is usually the last thing you want to clean after a long day. Although it’s important that you don’t just automatically think you need a new dishwasher just because it’s not working like it used to, call on the appliance repair specialists at Authorized Service Inc. 

We’ve helped people throughout Greenville, SC; Asheville, NC; Spartanburg, SC; and Charleston, SC with all of their dishwasher repair needs. Our team repairs all brands of dishwashers, so just give us a call and we’ll come to your home quickly. 

Proudly Serving Greenville SC, Spartanburg SC, 
Charleston SC, & Asheville NC

Dishwasher Repair Charleston SC & Asheville NC

Common Problems That We Can Fix

• Dishwasher not properly filling/draining with water

• Door will not close

• Dishwasher is leaking

• Dishes aren’t properly cleaned or dried

• The wash cycle takes too long 

Give us a call if your dishwasher isn’t working properly, and we’ll come and fix the problem. Our team has handled major and minor repairs alike. If we do believe that your dishwasher is beyond repair, we can help you find another dishwasher at a great price. Our team is ready to help you; all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!

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